She wrote her first song at the age of 9, „but there was little usable in the first songs, I had to learn the whole thing first“.
That has changed, today the self-taught singer writes about what she feels, about deep emotions, encouraging and inspiring things, also together with other songwriters.

The smoky but deep, warm, variable, powerful and soulful but also vulnerable voice of Diana Ezerex has a unique character that makes her stand out.
By working with many different talented musicians, she also becomes a versatile performer. As a member of the BigBand of Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg, solo or with a whole band line-up, she had plenty of opportunity to experiment and discover new facets of her varied voice. Since then, the singer & songwriter has been writing songs for herself and other projects with numerous songwriters. On stages at festivals, in clubs, living room and prison concerts, the singer feels at home solo or with a band.

Her first single „Ask Around“ was released on 15/01/2021, a song that is very personal to Ezerex: „I want to challenge people to rethink their actions and themselves. I dream of a generation of world changers and difference makers!“ The single is available in all online stores.

Autor: I.J.